4 March 2021 by cws

Shell GTL

At C.W. Surfacing we are committed to decreasing our carbon emissions and the impact our operations have on the environment. We have recently switched our entire fleet of construction plant to Shell GTL as an alternative to diesel, which is just one innovation on this roadmap. 
The manufacturing process for Shell GTL produces more consistent and uniform molecules compared to conventional crude oil refining. It also has improved combustion properties inside standard diesel engines, helps reduce emissions of air pollutants and is free of unwanted components such as sulphur, metals, and aromatics, making it non-toxic and less harmful to the environment. 
Shell GTL Fuel is more biodegradable than conventional diesel. OECD 301 and 307 tests have shown that GTL Fuel can be classified as ‘readily biodegradable’ and was not detectable in soil 51 days after being introduced. Under criteria recognised by the European Chemicals Agency, Shell GTL Fuel is classified as having health and environmental benefits, this is because Shell GTL isn’t harmful if inhaled, fumes pose less risk of eye irritation, there is less risk of skin irritation and it doesn’t cause significant organ damage through prolonged or repeated exposure.