Lower Road Minster


Lower Road Minster is the main route on and off the Isle of Sheppey for many residents; the carriageway was in a poor state of repair and had become dangerous.  KCC had planned maintenance with diversionary routes that would involve major traffic impact for drivers.  With the country in full lockdown it presented an ideal opportunity for KCC to get the works completed with minimal disruption to the public.  With their current contractor shut down, KCC approached us to complete the works.  Our Directors met the KCC representative on site and with the aid of a traffic management vehicle walked the whole project to identify the most suitable road surface to ensure its sustainability.


Kent County Council
April 2020
Specialist Surfacing


COVID-19 presents a unique set of challenges.  With many companies shut down completely, our team quickly implemented measures to ensure the safety of our work force whilst working within government guidelines.  More vans were purchased, additional PPE utilised and working practices refined toensure social distancing measures could be maintained.  The management team adapted to provide 24-hour support for our operatives.


Our goal was to ensure the longevity of the new surface.  Areas that had failed significantly were planed deeper; an SMA binder course was then placed in addition to the SMA surface course laid across the whole site.  This will make the treatment more sustainable preventing the affected areas from failing again.  With the knowledge that further maintenance would cause major disruption we decided to add high friction MMA which is currently the most sustainable product on the market.